Use the cigarette to stop smoking.... !

No need to add anything about bad effects of tobacco, everybody already knows. In response to an increasing demand, I decided to write this booklet, not to add anything about the bad side of it, but to help people to get rid of the tobacco habit.
The problem is not new, as someone so rightly said:
it is very easy to stop smoking,
I did it myself dozen of times !!

Famous statement, that points exactly to where the problem reallylies:

This is not pretending to be "THE method", but the yoga I'm talking about is very efficient. It builds a subconscious barrier and a disgusted feeling toward tobacco, preventing you from starting again later.
Without developing such a barrier, chances of restarting are too great.
Facts are proving it: 90 % people who quit smoking start again soon or later. This chapter explains how to build this mental barrier.
The technique described in this booklet to imprint the subconscious has been used for centuries.
It is used in many spiritual schools all over the world, mainly in India and Tibet.

A smoker usually find normal that he can light a cigarette and disturb other people without been sorry or asking politely if people mind him smoking.
Yet he assumes that YOU have to be polite when asking  HIM not to smoke.
To show an example: if you light a cigarette and your neighbor was to take it out of your mouth and throw it away without saying anything, you would probably be annoyed. Telling him that he could simply tell you not to smoke. Yet his action is definitely less disturbing than the smoke you make.
What makes you thinking that you can disturb someone without concern, and feel annoyed yourself if the very same person disturbs you in turn ? That IS the smoker's EGO...

This remark may hurt your Ego. If it does, you are definitely concerned...
If you hope to quit smoking, you must start by becoming aware of being disturbing. Get into the habit of being sorry, ask if people mind you smoking.

Cigarettes dealers should become aware that

Whether it is legal or not does not affect the moral problem. It's about time they start to consider recycling their business !
Tobacco is a social problem that requires the collaboration and understanding of everybody smokers and non smokers.
You are doing a favor by telling someone you mind him smoking.

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How to use the cigarette... to stop smoking...!!!
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