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Natural Health

The Hich-Hikker's Guide to Natural Health. Use your own body  ressouces to get rid of illnesses. Based on more than 25 years of experience with natural means to recover health.
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HIV=AIDS: Myth or reality ?    10.00

Could it be the BIGGEST SCAM of all times ?
Did you know that a scientific proof that HIV causes AIDS has NEVER been found ? 
There is even an unclaimed reward of 100'000 dollars for the first scientist who can produce such a proof.
The HIV test does not find a virus, it finds antibodies.
It may turn positive in presence of antibodies of more than 2 dozen illnesses (malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis, herpes, etc.)
This book explains how this scam happened !
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The Cigarette Yoga:       7.00
Use the cigarette to stop smoking !
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Why becoming Vegetarien ?     8.00
Health, Ethic, World economy.
For vegetarians as for non-vegetarians.
Very convincing arguments about why to become vegetarian.
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Secrets of Tantra The Quest for Pleasure 15.oo
The sensored part of Tantra teachings.
Exercices to increase sexual pleasure:
Ejaculation control and improvement of erection for men.
Vagina's muscles building and improved natural lubrication for women.
For couple: learn to reach the Tantric prolonged orgasm which is up to 10, 15 even more than 30 minutes.
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