The Quest For Pleasure
Secret teachings
of Tantric Yoga
Contrary to sex being synonymous with pornography, Tantra, reveals the possibility of sexuality moving into the sacred. It hasn't always been that way. In other cultures and other times, sexuality was  not  suppressed. It was actually seen as a powerful vehicle for personal and spiritual transformation.
The  Tantric  tradition  of  ancient  India  and  other cultures viewed sexual energy as the sacred  source  of   life  itself   (isn't it an obvious fact ?).
Sexual  ecstasy was viewed as a taste of the divine. In these sex positive cultures, sophisticated lovemaking skills were developed and shared as a science and as an art.
By extending and expanding the peak of sexual ecstasy, erotic explorers of the past found that the act of love could become a natural vehicle for exploring altered states as well as for deepening intimacy between two loving partners.
In these wonderful sexual moments in love where all boundaries dissolve and we become one with our beloved and all of existence.
Unfortunately these experiences are usually very short  lived. Sex in Tantra aims to heighten and prolong that magical connection that develops between a man and a woman when they are lost in the ecstasy of love.
We have not been trained in the skills required  to  expand  that fleeting moment into a sustainable state.  As we are now finding out, there are specific techniques that have been developed for achieving  and  controlling  these  states.
After being suppressed for nearly a thousand years these methods are now being rediscovered.
Development of advanced love skills is one of the most appropriate areas for human exploration as we move into the uncertainties of this new millennium.
Sex does not destroy our environment the way so many other forms of amusement do and it certainly doesn't  lead  to aggression violence and  war.
In an age of divorce and sexually transmitted diseases we need to form stronger and more lasting bonds of  love.
Tantra open the way.

In this crazy world, anyone can learn to kill, and to destroy.
There are plenty of schools and teachers (boxing, martial arts, the army, etc.),
But WHOteaches how to give pleasure ?
This  booklet may be a first stepping stone in trying to start to fill the gap.
In  this world of violence, children can watch peoples fighting and killing on the screen, nothing seems to be wrong. With video games, they can kill virtually dozen of people on screen.
Yet watching a couple making love is supposed to be shocking....
I really like to be explained WHYis it making love that is shocking and not violence...
No wonder, IT  IS  a world of violence.
One of Tantra's basic principles is to use sexual energy. It reveals the sacred dimension of sexual union that changes from ordinary to become a meditation between two people.
It brings back the Woman (Shakti) to her right position that has been completely smothered by our Man's world, made by Men for Men.
In this stupid world, a man with many girlfriends is considered "smart" and he is usually proud. When  a woman  does  the same, she is a whore... and should be ashamed.
That drives me up the wall. Women's Lib, where are you?
Yet, where eroticism is concerned, women are definitely number one.
Tantra uses sexual energy for spiritual and therapeutic purpose.

Chapters in the book:

Tantric Yoga 
Auto-stimulation for Women 
That famous  "G" spot 
The pleasure muscles 
Exercises for the Shakti 
Auto-stimulation for the Shiva 
Exercises for  the Shiva
Vajroli (ejaculation control) 
The Maìtuna (couple's practice)
Yoni massage
The Woman's tantric orgasm 
Ligham massage
The Man's tantric orgasm
Even higher ! 

As you will discover after reading this booklet, Tantra is a fantastic galaxy for anyone who enjoys making love, and likes to reach higher levels of pleasure. Tantra is revolutionary, even if the technique is already a few thousand years old….!
One good side of Tantra is that it can solve sexual problems like frigidity, impotence, premature ejaculation, etc.
It can also help couples already sexually happy,  to reach an even higher erotic dimension, giving  love  play  a  new  start  for  old  and  young couples alike.
In fact, Tantra will definitely revolutionize your sexual life. You can consider it the Highway to  ecstatic pleasure. Single, or couples alike can benefit from  Tantra, since the initial exercises have to be practised alone.
These techniques develop sensuality so much, that it affects your Aura. Singles won’t be alone for very much longer…
Hardly anything prevents you from practising Tantra.  Only bad cases of heart deficiency (like a recent stroke) or very serious illnesses, may prevent you from practicing it, but then only temporarily. All ages can do it  as there are no side effects.
The benefits you get from Tantra are impossible to evaluate. It helps to relieve many problems such as stress, tension, migraines, insomnia. It gives vitality, energy and enjoyment in life to an incredible extent.
Regular exercises to reinforce theman's perineum muscles provides a powerful tonic to the prostate preventing future problems (50% of men have some prostate problems later in life…).
Tantric practices are also a tonic for the female's hormonal system, therefore preventing so common later osteoporosis.
Tantra is one of the most fantastic experiences you will discover in your life.  Hours of incredible pleasure are awaiting you, so don’t wait !
Enjoy yourself.

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